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Mortgage Bank Net Branch Recruiters

Times are incredibly tough for professional mortgage originators today.  With our politicians, big banks and even the press fighting to put the
small guys (and gals) out of business, it makes more sense than ever to explore affiliate branching. 

But spend some time exploring the hundreds of net branch companies out there, and you get the sense that used car salesmen have found
a new calling. 

We're a different kind of company.  No smoke and mirrors here, just the plain truth.  Learn about the FDIC-insured banks and mortgage
bankers we have partnered with in incredible detail, and why we think each one is either a potential fit or a poor match.

In other words, we'll show you the entire book - not just the pretty front and back covers.

With Just One Phone Call

•  Learn about 15 outstanding net branch and retail mortgage banking Partners
•  Quickly compare rates, fees and features among Partners
•  Gain insight about each Partner's unique culture
•  Learn the pros and cons of branching with a licensing exempt depository bank

Chartered Bank Branching

•  Lend throughout the US without the need to maintain state licensing
•  Recruit unlicensed bank Loan Officers
•  Recruit Loan Officers returning to the industry
•  6 state or federally chartered banks to choose from

Branching Basics

•  Learn about the advantages of branching versus staying independent
•  Questions you should ask any prospective branching Partner
•  Branching FAQ's

Mortgage Banker C18

•  Licensed in 12 Western states, including Hawaii and Alaska
•  Raw Banker pricing
•  Fixed corporate profit of 20 basis points
•  Branch underwriting and closing allowed
•  Ability to originate TPO business from banks and credit unions

Chartered Bank C22

•  50 state licensing exempt state chartered bank
•  Purchase business focused
•  Low rates and fees
•  Consistent 2-3 day underwriting turn time

Mortgage Banker C28

•  Licensed in 13 Eastern states, from Maine to Florida
•  Raw Banker pricing
•  Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie direct
•  Branch underwriting and closing allowed
•  Minimum wage not required

Chartered Bank C30

•  50 state licensing exempt state chartered bank
•  $1.5M minimum monthly production
•  Raw Bank pricing
•  Branch underwriting and closing allowed for larger branches
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Our Partners

Average just doesn't cut it these
days, but that's exactly what most
branch platforms are peddling -
average rates, average products,
average service.
We're proud to say we've found 15 truly
outstanding Partners to represent.  Most are
industry unknowns, only because they don't have
huge marketing budgets or sneaky salespeople.

What they do have is a branch program that offers
you a competitive advantage, and your best
chance to succeed in the long run.
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Draw up your wish list, and give us a call.  Let's
have an intelligent, frank conversation  about what
makes you tick, and what ticks you off.  Then, let us
show off our Partners, and see if there's a potential

Target a specific Partner, and we'll walk you
through every step of the boarding process, until
you are an official employee.

Oh, and there's absolutely zero cost to you.
Through painstaking research, we
have hand selected 6 state or
federally chartered banks and 9
mortgage bankers to partner with.

Our Services

About Us

Let's make one thing clear - we are
NOT salespeople.  Our objective is
to educate, not sell.  Through
knowledge, we are confident that
you will find our options compelling.
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We have a deep understanding of not just the net
branching world, but of the entire mortgage
industry.  Our backgrounds in Wholesale, Retail
and Operations gives us insight into both your
needs and our Partner's needs.  Together, we are
able to find solutions that are mutually satisfying to
both parties, thereby ensuring long term success.


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